Carbazochrome - Indications, Dosage, Side Effects and Precautions

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Essential If you are taking 4 or more meds, this app is essential. It has a pill identifier included that tells you what pill you have if you find one loose lying around the house, just enter the imprint and what it looks like. It also allows you to create a medication profile, where you list all your medications you take and it cross references them for interactions.

It also lists all possible side effects, etc. Also, it serves as an emergency card in case of emergency and say you are in a car accident or knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital, if they drug database get into your phone and your not conscious to tell them what medications you are on drug database, the hospital or ems people, or your family if they can get into your phone, can put together a list of what medications your on from your medication profile so they know what they can give you and how to treat you without hurting you or causing interactions.

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With some medications that is very important, such as nalaxone or suboxone, if you are on either of those and in a car accident and need to be intubated, it is essential for them to know you are on either of those two medications. Great app, many more features.

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If you take more than just a couple meds, this app is for you. RosalieMB With the oh so many things going on in the drug industry and the greed of the cheap manufacturers I find it hard to remember what each round white tablet is and I know exactly where to go and what to do.

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I start my day with 5 meds, 18 meds, 7 meds, 1 med, 2 meds, 1 med. Did you keep up? THIS app is totally current with it! The drug database with ALL those meds above!

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Not just for you, but your whole family! You can set up separate medication lists for everyone.

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Drug database is amazing! There are more things, just check it out. App adatvédelme A fejlesztő Drugs. További információkért tekintse meg a következőt: fejlesztő adatvédelmi szabályzata.

Why is Carbazochrome Prescribed? Indications This medication is an antihemorrhagic agent, prescribed for bleeding disorders. When should Carbazochrome not to be taken?

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