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  • It occurs most commonly on extremities, but some types of eczema may occur on the scalp, face or on the ear.
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You can find more information about the exact process of laser treatments in the video on this page. What happens during your consultation? First of all, a detailed medical history will be recorded, where, among other things, we will discuss all the symptoms and complaints you have experienced.

This is followed by a general gynecological examination.

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Based on the results, a decision will be made about the treatment plan. Is it necessary to book an appointment before a consultation? Yes, please always book an appointment for a consultation. In the case of online booking, we will reach out to you, to set an exact appointment, through the provided contact information. Therefore, we kindly ask you to fill out the form accurately.

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What are the open hours of the Hírös Intimlézer Center? How can i book an appointment?

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Online, by phone or in person? Currently, two intimate laser procedures are available in Hungary.

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What really makes differences when comparing the two laser procedures available in Hungary, is the SMOOTH technology patented by Fotona, which is able to create a non-ablative gynecological laser in a way that is unique in the world.

Being non-ablative means that there is no direct effect, i.

Another important task of dermatology is skin cancer screening and to differentiate cancer from benign skin lesions. However, the premise of the recovery is early detection and the appropriate surgical removal of the tumour. Therefore, the importance of regular dermatology screenings and the expertise of a specialist should be emphasised. An experienced specialist can predict from the skin lesions hidden diseases and their prognosis. The diseases of the skin can also be caused by allergies or an infection.

Thanks to SMOOTH technology: we reach the temperature required for denaturing collagen we work painlessly at Celsiusbut it does not burn, as it is non-ablative, there is no need to fear infection due to the non-sterile nature of the vagina, does not hurt, no anesthesia or preparation is required.

Why is the laser technology better than surgery? Intimate laser technology is not a surgical diabetic itching cure.

  • Euphyllinum diabetes A 2-es típusú cukorbetegséggel málna is fogyasztható The published literature suggests that low pretreatment glucose, no history of diabetes mellitus, female gender, abnormal renal function, and lower body weight increase the risk of hypoglycemia.
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It requires neither preparation nor aftercare. It is very fast diabetic itching cure painless. There is no anesthesia, incision, suture removal, nor bleeding.


For the body, this is a much less stressful solution. According to a recent study, the RenovaLase® therapy was more effective than hormone therapy in treating vaginal atrophy.

Should I be afraid that the treated area will heal slowly? You may feel discomfort for days after the procedure.

A vércukor drámaian csökken, de nincs cukorbetegség.

Due to the uniquely non-ablative laser we use, the surface of the vagina will not be damaged. Should I be afraid that the treatment will be painful? In some cases, which happens very rarely, patients may experience minimal discomfort feeling.

How many days shall I take off from work if I choose this procedure?

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The treatment is quick and painless. It can be done during a lunch break, there is no need to take any day off. Provided that you choose intimate laser treatment, you will not be absent from work, your daily activities and routine will not be interrupted. The treatment is not a surgical procedure, so there is no incision, no anesthesia, no bleeding, no suturing. For how long is it not recommended to have sexual intercourse after the treatment?

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Due to the unique non-ablative nature of the laser we use, the surface of the vagina will not be damaged. When can laser treatment be used the earliest after giving birth? Should any additional medication be taken after the treatment?

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No additional drug or medication shall be taken after the treatment. An exception to this may be if a diabetic itching cure type of incontinence treatment is needed, in which case an additional pharmaceutical product may be required to achieve the ideal effect, which we will determine in your personalized therapy.

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What kind of after treatment is required? No preparation or aftercare is required.

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An exception to this is the RenovaLase® vaginal atrophy treatment. Therefore, the vaginal moisture has to be increased before treatment. This is done with an applied estrogen formulation with a preparation time of weeks depending on the atrophy.


What are the possible side effects of the treatment? However, like all devices and preparations used in medicine, it can have side effects.

The literature names the following factors: Scarring hypertrophic, atrophic.