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Diabetes mellitus investigations.


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    Skip to Main Content Discrete LPV Modeling of Diabetes Mellitus for Control Purposes Abstract: The utilization of diabetes mellitus investigations and advanced control engineering related methods for the control, estimation and assessment of physiological applications is widespread. It is also well-known that this engineering apparatus is executed on digital computers.

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    The current insufficiency of available and accurate discretized models, especially in case of Diabetes Mellitus DMprovides incentive for this research.

    The researchers typically approximate the continuous solutions which may not be the best alternative in many cases, in particular considering numerical stability and cost-effectiveness.

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    In this paper we performed an analysis of the available discretization options in order to develop discrete models with a special focus on the Linear Parameter Varying LPV systems. LPV techniques are very useful frameworks which allow the application of linear controller, observer and estimator design.

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    In this study, three LPV discretization and two Jacobian based discretization methods are introduced and analyzed to provide a basis for our further investigations in the topic.