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    SkerrettFormer Executive Editor, Harvard Health Trans fats, once seen as harmless additives that ended up in everything from Twinkies to French fries, are finally getting the reputation they deserve—bad for health. Yesterday the FDA proposed removing trans diabetes courses uk from the generally recognized as safe list, a step that would eliminate artificial trans fats vesebetegség cukorbetegség kezelésére the American food supply.

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    The move comes as a victory for Dr. Walter Willett and his colleagues at the Harvard School of Public Health, who have long highlighted the health harms of trans fats. Research on the health hazards of trans fats goes back four decades.

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    Many companies have already removed trans fats from their products. You can see an interview with Dr. Why the ruckus? Trans fats are a type of unsaturated fat.

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    Think of them as the evil cousins of the healthy omega-3 fats in fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts. Once upon a time, the only sources of trans fats were bacteria living in the forestomach of ruminants.

    As a result, beef, lamb, buffalo, deer, and diabetes courses uk products have small amounts of trans fats.

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    By the end of the 20th century, though, they were everywhere, thanks to the ingenuity of early 20th-century chemists who discovered that they could turn a liquid vegetable oil into a solid or semi-solid by bubbling hydrogen gas through it. Those characteristics made trans fats a workhorse of the food industry.

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    Frying oils used in restaurants were also rich in them. The problem for us is that trans fats are bad for the heart and the rest of the body. Eating trans fats boosts LDL bad cholesterol, especially the small, dense LDL particles that are most damaging to arteries.

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    Trans fats have unhealthy effects on triglycerides; make blood platelets stickier than usual and so more likely to form artery-blocking clots in the heart, brain, and elsewhere; and feed inflammation, which plays key roles in the development of heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. But it could have a beneficial impact on our health.