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Printed in the USA. Múzeum krt. The effect of Bimoclomol BRLPa drug under clinical development for the treatment of diabetic complications, on experimental peripheral neuropathy was examined in rats made diabetic by injection of streptozotocin. Treatments began 1 day after diabetes induction to assess the prophylactic efficacy of Bimoclomol.

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Neuropathy was evaluated electrophysiologically by measuring motor and sensory nerve conduction velocities and resistance to ischemic conduction failure of sciatic nerve in vivo. Bimoclomol significantly reduced nerve conduction slowing and retarded the typical elevated ischaemic resistance due to streptozotocin-induced neuropathy, suggesting that the drug might be a useful treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathies.

Vasodilators like prazosin [5], or agents blocking the renin—angiotensin system [6,9], or g-linolenic acid [4,12,17] improve; some aspects of diabetic neuropathy.

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Bimoclomol N-[2-hydroxy 1-piperidinyl propoxy]pyridinecarboxi-midoyl chloride, 2 butanedioate Fig. EP Although its mechanism of action is unknown to date, it appears not to act via conventional mechanisms through which it might derive its beneficial effects, such as aldose reductase inhibition, or interaction with growthfactor receptors. At the cellular cukor cukorbetegség diagnózis és kezelés, however, Bimoclomol has been shown to elevate the levels of various heatshock proteins HSPstypically that of HSP, suggesting the involvement of stress proteins in the mechanism of action [35].

HSPs protect against a number of stresses, including reactive oxygen species and in vivo ischaemia and reperfusion injury [25,26].

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The aim of the present study was to investigate the impact of long-term preventive treatment of Bimoclomol on diabetes-related neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy occurs through diverse pathogenic mechanisms, most of them being initiated by hyperglycemia and oxidative stress [1].

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Endoneurial microangiopathy causing nerve infarctions is now considered to be a crucial factor in the pathogenesis of human diabetic neuropathy [22,32].

Recent data stress the importance of mutual interactions [9,15] between metabolic mechanisms [10,17,23,33,36] at the endothelial level [8,19] resulting in perfusion abnormalities [9,10]. Early impairment of endoneurial nutritive flow [3] leads to insufficient perfusion and nerve ischemia in both experimental [8,20,27,34] and clinical [21] diabetes mellitus.

The subsequent acute impairment in nerve conduction velocity and the enhanced resistance to ischaemic conduction failure [3,20,21,27,34] parallels a progressive defect in the paranodal barrier system [30].

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Endothelial cell dysjunction [29] might underlie the focally increased vascular permeability observed in diabetic neuropathy [13]. At the beginning of the study they weighed between — g.

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Six experimental groups were formed. Compound action potentials were recorded with bipolar recording electrodes from the distal end of the left sciatic nerve.

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Data Analysis FIG. Chemical structure of Bimoclomol. Daily oral drug administration began after verification of hyperglycemia see belowand all treatment regimens proceeded for 3 months. Louis, MO dissolved in saline. Diabetes was confirmed 1 day later by estimating hyperglycemia. Final plasma glucose concentrations were determined by enzymaticcolourimetric assay Diagnosticum, Budapest, Hungary.

Matlab for Windows MathWorks Inc. UK program was used to analyse the EMGs. Body weight increased over the 3-month period in the two nondiabetic groups. Supramaximal stimuli square wave impulses of 0.

The typical EMGs recorded on the unilateral neuropathy diabetic of the sciatic and tibial nerves are shown by Fig. Each EMG consists of two components: 1 the short-latency direct motor response M is due to stimulation of the A-a motor fibres; 2 the monosynaptically elicited long-latency sensory response H, the Hoffmann reflex is due to activation of the proprioceptive afferents.

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The motor MNCV and sensory SNCV nerve conduction velocities were calculated from the following formulas: MNCV 5 distance between the sciatic and tibial stimulation points divided by differences of latencies for Msciatic and Mtibial; SNCV 5 distance between the sciatic and tibial stimulation points divided by differences of latencies for Htibial and Hsciatic.

Improvement in NCVs caused by the drug treatments is expressed in percentage of diabetic deficit.

Liss VL diabetes mellitus Aspen kéreg az 1. These complications are associated with dysfunction of platelets and the neurovascular unit. Platelets are essential for hemostasis, and knowledge of their function is basic to understanding the pathophysiology of vascular disease in yeqiciqy. With a glucose challenge test, you drink a sugary liquid and your glucose level is checked one hour yeqiciqy. Diabetes mellitus is impaired insulin secretion and variable degrees of peripheral insulin resistance leading to hyperglycemia.

The duration unilateral neuropathy diabetic the two main components was increased M: from 2. Similar changes were observed in the tibial nerve.

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Treatment of diabetic rats with Bimoclomol or g-linolenic acid tended to restore the normal Resistance to Ischemic Conduction Failure The sciatic RICF was measured in vivo according to the method of Low [20]. The sciatic nerve was stimulated continuously at the proximal end using square wave impulses of 0. Plantar electromyograms EMGs recorded on sciatic or tibial nerve stimulation in nondiabetic rat.

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The two main components of EMGs are the direct muscle motor Mand the indirect reflex-related sensory H responses. The latencies of the M- and H-response were measured as the time between stimulus onset and the beginning of the deflection of the Mor H-response, indicated by vertical lines. The g-linolenic acid served as the reference agent. Bars show means 6 SEM for various groups. Nerve conduction velocities slowed as a result of STZ-induced diabetes. Bimoclomol treatment had no significant effect on peripheral nerve function of nondiabetic rats.

Bimoclomol also reduces the diabetes-related elevation of unilateral neuropathy diabetic resistance. Considerable evidence has now accumulated for a role of microvascular disease [9,15] in the pathogenesis of human diabetic neuropathy. An important aspect of this role is metabolic—vascular interactions [22,32] in endothelium [5,8,19].

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Concerning the mechanisms of bimoclomol action, on the basis of the diabetic neuropathy literature and our previous results, an effect on the microvascular dysfunction of diabetic metabolism origin seems to be important.

In diabetic neuropathy the functional integrity of the capillary wall barrier inner blood retinal barrier is defective, as evidenced by the abnormal attachment of the endothelium to the basement membrane.

J Headache Pain ; 20 1 : 4, Jan The aim of this study was to investigate migraine patients with or without WMLs to see the effects of these tissue damages on cortical thickness and volume. The role of migraine characteristics duration of headache, attack frequency, estimated lifetime attack number, aura was also tested. None of the included migraine patients' headache or aura where present was unilaterally side-locked. Patients and controls were all right handed.

This defect is a consequence of oxidative modification of structural proteins and lipids [1,28 — 30]. The glycation of proteins, which are the components of the cellular defence unilateral neuropathy diabetic, like the molecular chaperones, is also defective in diabetes [14,16].

Bimoclomol decreased the increased permeability of the inner blood retinal barrier and protected against early morphological alterations of retinal capillary endothelium and basement membrane in STZ-induced diabetic and in b, b-iminodipropionitrileinduced diabetic-like retinopathy in rats after a 1-month treatment [2].

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Bimoclomol is a vasoprotective agent [24] with effective chaperone inducing [35], and antiischemic [18] activity. Based on these data, we hypothesize that Bimoclomol ameliorates diabetic neuropathy through its beneficial action on the maintenance and restoration of the normal integrity of barrier function, perhaps also in the nerve microvessels. Increased glucose, fructose, and glycogen stores, and perhaps reduced energy requirements, in diabetic nerves explains in large part RICF [20,27], an adaptive mechanism, that increases the ability of nerve to cope with insufficient perfusion.

Given this, vasodilators, g-linolenic acid and antioxidant treatments improve the hypoperfusion of vasa nervorum and the ischemic nerve abnormalities in diabetic rats, as assessed by NCV and RICF [4 —10,12].

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The present results show that neural adaptation to the Resistance to Ischemic Conduction Failure After an initial period of hyperexcitability when the nerve action potential amplitude increased, a decline was observed in all groups. Changes in the nerve action potential amplitude were similar after treatment with Bimoclomol and g-linolenic acid, as indicated by the T90 values.

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The T90 for the nontreated STZ-diabetic group was elevated