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Laboratory diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes mellitus, Diabetes mellitus kék láb


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    Sysmex Hungary Vállalat Hírek és események Események Urinary albumin strip assay as a… Urinalysis Urinary albumin strip assay as a screening test to replace quantitative technology The clinical laboratory plays a crucial role in the diagnosis and monitoring of chronic kidney disease CKD.

    The quantitative measurement of urine albumin in a spot sample, expressed as ratio per creatinine ACRis the most frequently used biomarker for such purposes. This webinar will provide insights into the diagnostic performance of a strip for measuring ACR in order to differentiate patients who are candidates for subsequent albumin quantification.

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    Savings in reagent can be used to design and implement interventions to improve the diagnosis of chronic kidney disease and the monitoring of patients with hypertension and type 2 diabetes. Join us and discover possibilities for optimisation of the laboratory workflow, economic savings and clinical benefits in context of albuminuria screening.

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    Workshops Urinary albumin strip assay as a screening test to replace quantitative technology Learning objectives - Understand the need for screening of risk group patients to detect CKD at early stages - Know about albumin and the albumin:creatinine ratio as a CKD screening tool - Recognise the potential of albumin test strip analysis to partially substitute wet chemistry analyses and support the frequent screening of risk groups - Envision improved patient care through technology.