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How to measure blood pressure, Andon KD - 5901 Electronic Blood Pressure Smart Monitor

Introduction 1. Features 1. Important information about self-measurement 2. Important information on the subject of blood-pressure and its measurement 2.

Which values are normal?

Andon KD - 5901 Electronic Blood Pressure Smart Monitor

The various components of the blood-pressure monitor 4. Putting the blood-pressure monitor into operation 4. Inserting the batteries 4. Sleep mode of the device 4.

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Setting the time and date 4. Setting the user selection 5. Carrying out a measurement 5. Before the measurement 5. Common sources of error 5. Fitting the cuff 5. Measurement mode selection 5. Measuring procedure 5.

Discontinuing a measurement 5. Memory — storage and recall of the measurements 5.

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Memory — cancellation of all measurements 6. PC-link functions 6. Installation and data transmission 6. Care and maintenance, re-calibration 9. Guarantee International Quality Standards Technical specifications Features The blood-pressure monitor is a fully automatic, digital blood-pressure measuring device for use on the wrist, which enables very fast and reliable measurement of the systolic and diastolic blood-pressure as well as the pulse frequency by way of the oscillometric method of measuring.

The device is validated against Korotkoff phase 5. This device is easy to use and is proven in clinical studies to provide excellent accuracy. Before using, please read through this instruction manual carefully and then keep it in a safe place.

For further questions on the subject of blood-pressure and its measurement, please contact your doctor. Your values must always be discussed with your doctor. You should never alter the dosages of any medication without direction from your doctor. However, some individuals may get a different result between both methods.

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Therefore, we generally recommend to compare the readings of this device to data obtained by your doctor. If there is a difference, always consider the how to measure blood pressure into your final reading. Avoid strong electrical 8 4 vércukorszint electromagnetic fields in the direct vicinity of the device e.

Electrical interference can lead to temporary impairment of the measuring accuracy. Your blood pressure level is determined in the circulatory center of your brain.

No wonder my blood pressure's high. Nem csoda, hogy magas a vérnyomásom.

Your nervous system allows your body to adapt or alter blood pressure in response to different situations. Your body alters your pulse and the width of blood vessels through changes in muscles in the walls of blood vessels.

Your blood pressure reading is highest when your heart pumps or ejects blood. This stage is called your Systolic Blood Pressure. Your blood pressure is lowest when the heart rests. It is critical to maintain blood pressure values within a «normal» range s in order to prevent particular diseases. If you obtain readings in this range, consult your doctor immediately. High blood pressure values over time damage blood vessels, vital organs such as the kidney and even your heart.

With blood-pressure values that are too low, i. Even with normal blood-pressure values, a regular self-check with your bloodpressure monitor is recommended.

In this way you can detect possible changes in your values early and react appropriately.

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Show these values to your doctor. Never use the results of your measurements to alter independently the drug doses prescribed by your doctor. In any case, please discuss the values with your doctor. Correctly measured diastolic blood-pressure values above mmHg require immediate medical treatment.

This concerns the arterial blood vessels of your body, which are endangered due to constriction caused by deposits in the vessel walls Arteriosclerosis. A deficient supply of blood to important organs heart, brain, muscles can be the result. Furthermore, with long-term continuously increased bloodpressure values, the heart will become structurally damaged.

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We differentiate between the common primary essential hypertension, and secondary hypertension. The latter group can be ascribed to specific organic malfunctions. Kezelése gyömbér diabetes mellitus 2 consult your doctor for information about the possible origins of your own increased blood pressure values.

Avoid excessive consumption of common salt. Please note many «packaged foods» contain high levels of salt.

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Avoid fatty foods. Choose sports which require endurance and avoid those which require strength. Avoid reaching the limit of your how to measure blood pressure.

Your physician will help you develop an exercise routine that is appropriate for you. Single results are not displayed. Due to the «Data Analysis» result, a 4th measurement may be applied. Inserting the batteries After you have unpacked your device, first insert the batteries.

The battery compartment is located on the left lateral side of the device see illustration. When the batteries are installed, the device will check LCD segments for 1 second accompanied with 2 short beeps.

The device then will check memory status for each user. After the batteries are properly installed, the device enters into the sleep mode.

If the battery warning appears in the display, the batteries are empty and must be replaced by new ones.

The use of 1. When functioning correctly all segments must appear. Sleep mode of the device The device is designed to stay at the sleep mode as batteries are loaded. In this mode, the time and user icon set will be displayed. You can conduct the following operations during this mode. The date set will be displayed for 2 seconds. The measuring data stored can be displayed.

For detailed, please refer to Sec. Setting the time and date This blood-pressure monitor incorporates an integrated clock with date display. This has the advantage, that at each measurement procedure, not only the blood-pressure values are stored, but also the exact moment of the measurement. Besides, this advanced blood pressure monitor allows you to track blood pressure readings for 2 individuals independently.

You must then re-enter the date and current time. For this, please proceed as follows Example: Entering Time : 1. After user selection is completed, press the TIME button to switch to year. The how to measure blood pressure will now blink.

Example: 1 x press 9 3. Press the TIME button again. The display now switches to the current date, during which the first character month blinks.

Example: 5 x presses 5. The last two characters day are now blinking. Example: 19 x presses 7. The display now switches to the current time, during which the first character Hour blinks.

Example: 9 x presses 9. The last two characters Minutes now blink.

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Example: 30 x presses Now after all settings have been made, press the TIME button once again. The date is briefly displayed and then the time.

ABPM (24 hour blood pressure measurement)

The input is now confirmed and the clock begins to run. Setting the user selection 1.

Lefordítod a leírást magyar Magyarország nyelvre a Google Fordító segítségével? Leírás visszafordítása angol Egyesült Államok nyelvre Fordítás Blood Pressure Monitor App helps you to log and keep track of your blood pressure readings. Start monitoring your blood pressure today and share your recordings with your doctor. To measure blood pressure, you need a reliable blood pressure monitor.

Before measurement, make sure you set the unit for the intended user. The unit tracks measurement history for each individual. The unit can track results for 2 individuals. Hold the TIME button for 3 seconds to initiate the user selection. When the unit is operated for the very first time, «User 1» is assumed.

However, if you keep the respective button depressed, you can switch more quickly to the desired mode, or find the desired value respectively. All these factors influence the measurement result. Try and find time to relax by sitting in an armchair in a quite atmosphere for about 5 minutes before the measurement. Common sources of error Note: Comparable blood-pressure measurements always require the same conditions!

These are normally always quiet conditions. Make sure you are in a comfortable, relaxed position and do not activate any of the muscles in the measurement arm during the measurement. Use a cushion for support if necessary.

CODA Single animal noninvasive blood pressure measurement system

Each 15cm difference in height results in a measurement error of10mmHg! Fitting the cuff a Remove all eventual objects and jewellery e. Draw the cuff over the wrist. Support the arm a little with a rest cushionso that the cuff rests at about the same height as the heart. Take care, that the cuff lies free.