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Does diabetes affect heart rhythm

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Co-supervisor: Dr. Besides the reorganization of striped muscles, the cardiac muscle is also affected. The most common cardiac manifestations are consuction and other heart rhythm disturbances, which are caused by the changes in the heart's pacemaker and conducive systems, due to muscle reorganization.

In the course of our research we aim to investigate the role of invasive electrophysiological examination in the cardiologic risk evaluation in myotonic dystrophy.

Cardiologic risk evaluation in myotonic dystrophy - role of implantable loop recorder Co-supervisor: Dr. Comparison of conventionally performed and zero-fluoroscopic catheter ablation in AV nodal reentry tachycardias Supervisor: KUPÓ, Péter Zero-fluoroscopic ablation techniques reduce the harmful effects of ionizing radiation during electrophysiology procedures.

does diabetes affect heart rhythm

We aim to test the efficiency and safety of a zero-fluoroscopic strategy using 3D electroanatomic mapping system for diagnostics and radiofrequency ablation of AV nodal reentry tachycardias in a retrospective study. Comparison of conventionally performed and zero-fluoroscopic catheter ablation in paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardias Supervisor: KUPÓ, Péter Zero-fluoroscopic ablation techniques — have been able to use since september of in Pécs - reduce the harmful effects of ionizing radiation during electrophysiology procedures.

Diabetes Stroke Diet

We aimed to test the efficiency and safety of a zero-fluoroscopic strategy using 3D electroanatomic mapping system for diagnostics and radiofrequency ablation of supraventricular tachycardias SVT in a retrospective study. Comparison of cryoballoon and ablation-index guided radiofrequency catheterablation in paroxysmal atrial fibrillation Supervisor: KUPÓ, Péter The number of transcatheter ablation procedures for atrial fibrillation grows year by year in Hungary.

During the procedure pulmonary vein isolation is performed.

University of Michigan Health System Summary: Could it be that when Ludwig van Beethoven composed some of the greatest masterpieces of all time that he was quite literally following his heart? Authors of an essay that appears in Perspectives in Biology and Medicine analyzed several of Beethoven's compositions for clues of a heart condition some have speculated he had. The rhythms of certain parts of renowned works, researchers say, may in fact reflect the irregular rhythms of Beethoven's own heart caused by cardiac arrhythmia. We think we hear some of those same patterns in his music. This is especially apparent in the world of arts and music, which reflects so much of people's innermost experiences," Howell adds.

Lately the cryoballoon technique has become widespread available besides radiofrequency ablation. Moreover, contact force sensing catheters has been available in radiofrequency does diabetes affect heart rhythm. In our research the procedures performed by these two different methods will be compared and analyzed.

Comparison of intracardiac echocardiography-guided versus conventionally performed cavotricuspidal isthmus ablation in patients with atrial flutter Supervisor: KUPÓ, Péter Cavotricuspidal isthmus CTI is the target of the ablation for patients with atrial flutters. These procedures are usually performed by only-fluoroscopy navigation.

However, use of intracardiac echocardiography for CTI ablation has become widespread in recent years.

does diabetes affect heart rhythm

In our study we aim to compare conventional, only fluoroscopy-guided vs ICE-guided CTI ablations in patients underwent invasive electrophysiologic procedures due to atrial flutters. Comparison of procedural parameters of patients undergoing pulmonary vein isolation with conventional, steerable sheaths vs. Conventionally, these procedures are performed with the use of steerable sheaths.

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Recently, steerable sheaths that can be visualized on 3D mapping system are available which can reduce the use of fluoroscopy during these procedures. In our research the procedures performed by these two different tools will be compared and analyzed. Comparison of the effectiveness of cryoballoon and radiofrequecy catheterablation in persistent atrial fibrillation Co-supervisor: Dr. Lately the cryoballoon technique has became widespread available besides radiofrequency ablation.

In most cases the cause of sudden cardiac death is an occult cardiac disease. A lot of researches have already shown the differences between the phisiological sport heart and pathological cardiac conditions.

Student Researchers' Society Topics

In this study we examine sportsmen competing in different sport arts. Special ECG, particular echocardiographic examination furthermore spiroergometry are performing. The sportsmen with pathological results have a heart MRI examination, too.

Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center Summary: Bradycardia -- a slower than normal heartbeat -- does not increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, according to a study. The heart usually beats between 60 and times a minute in an adult at rest.

In the latter situation, full revascularization plays an important role. The different catheter based techniques are discussed, which are utilized during the diagnostic and interventional part in the catheter based revascularization. Due to the multiple associations of the vegetative nervous system, several factors affect HRV. On one hand it means the wide range of applicability, however, on the other hand, results in low specificity.

does diabetes affect heart rhythm

Accurate measurement requires special study-design, technical conditions and presentation. The topic covers both methodical and clinical investigations including cooperation with other specialties as well.

does diabetes affect heart rhythm

Identification of novel biomarkers in acute myocardial infarction Supervisor: SZOKODI, István Acute coronary syndrome results mainly from rupture of an inflamed thin-capped plaque with secondary thrombus formation.

Chemokines and cytokines have been suggested to orchestrate the inflammatory processes during atherogenesis, plaque destabilization, and infarct healing.

We aim to identify novel biomarkers e. Investigation of 3-dimensional reconstruction of coronary angiography with computational fluid dynamics and its clinical significance Supervisor: BÁLINT, Alexandra Several methods are available for the diagnosis of coronary stenosis, of which the detection of the hemodynamic relevance is limited.

ASK UNMC! How does diabetes affect the heart?

The most significant developmental need and tendency focus on are techniques that determine the fractional flow reserve FFR without the use of an invasive pressure measuring wire by calculating non-invasive virtual fractional flow reserve vFFR from a three-dimensional reconstruction of the coronary angiogram.

The three-dimensional 3D geometry of the coronary artery can be analyzed from the coronarography with 3D reconstruction software.

Computational fluid dynamics CFD allows a comprehensive, in silico study of fluid properties after 3D reconstruction of vascular structures. In addition to the existing study data, it can be assumed that CFD examination of the coronary sections results in the detection of flow parameters that are important for plaque progression.

Modern echocardiographic techniques and biomarkers in the diagnosis of heart failure Supervisor: FALUDI, Réka In addition to the classical, widespreadly used echocardiographic methods more new, special techniques tissue Doppler imaging, strain, strain rate have been developed.

does diabetes affect heart rhythm

Systolic or diastolic functions of both the left and right ventricles as well as the atria are investigated by applying these new techniques in some special diseases systemic sclerosis, COPD, restrictive cardiomyopathy, etc. In addition to the echocardiographic methods, serum levels of some biomarkers e.

does diabetes affect heart rhythm

These does diabetes affect heart rhythm can activate specific signaling pathways, such as mitogen-activated protein kinases MAPKs and calcineurin, which leads to increased expression of certain genes characteristic of cardiac hypertrophy, the so-called fetal gene program.

Transcription factors play crucial role in integrating these cytosolic signaling cascades. Our studies may pave the way for the development of novel strategies in combating adverse remodeling and heart failure.

Our aim is to investigate if there is any sign of myocardial or vascular dysfunction even before the diagnosis of gestational diabetes. Echocardiography is performed to examine the systolic and diastolic function of the heart.

An easy-to-perform oscillometric method Arteriograph will be used to measure arterial stiffness parameters. Non-coding RNAs in pathological cardiac remodeling Supervisor: SZOKODI, István The development of cardiac remodeling is associated with fundamental changes in the molecular programs of the heart including the reactivation of fetal gene programs, deregulation of neurohormonal systems as well as the activation of senescence and various forms of cell death.

It has long been considered that these gene programs are primarily under the control of protein-based regulatory systems i.

Understanding the functional significance of these non-coding RNA transcripts in versatile cellular processes is the subject of intense investigation.

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According to the most recent estimates, the human genome encodes for ~ different microRNAs and ~ long non-coding RNAs. Our main goal is to identify novel cell-type and context-specific interactions between, microRNAs, long non-coding RNAs, and does diabetes affect heart rhythm in regulating cardiac remodeling using the combination of in silico predictions, in vitro cell culture experiments, and animal models.

Non-invasive measurement of arterial stiffness parameters in assessment of cardiovascular risk Supervisor: GASZNER, Balázs Large amount of evidence is now available on the crucial role of preclinical organ damage in determining the cardiovascular risk of individuals. Arterial stiffness parameters are commonly used for this purpose, to identify structural and functional changes of the arteries in the development of atherosclerotic disease.

However, measuring arterial stiffness parameters is currently not sufficiently widespread, and thus the information it provides remains desirable but difficult to obtain.

Diabetes Stroke Diet Nyers répa és vércukor When you have diabetes, you're more at risk of cardiovascular disease, which can lead to a stroke. A stroke is when blood can't get to your brain and it's starved of vital oxygen and nutrients. This can happen if your blood vessels are damaged or blocked and we're here to explain why having diabetes means you're more at risk of this happening. A healthy diet is central to the management of diabetes.

Novel developments offer different non-invasive, user friendly examination methods, which could solve this controversy.