Modeling long-term diabetes and related complications in rats

Diabetic medicine


    Protective effects of the novel amine-oxidase inhibitor multi-target drug SZV on streptozotocin-induced beta cell damage and diabetic complications in rats Biomed Pharmacother.

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    Epub Dec Electronic address: zsuzsanna. DOI: Amine oxidase copper containing 3 AOC3 is an enzyme that belongs to the semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase family, which may be a novel therapeutic target to treat diabetic complications.

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    SZV showed greater inhibitory effects on beta cell damage, and reduced retinal apoptosis shown by histochemistry. None of these parameters were influenced by the treatments except for SZV reducing serum fructosamine and LJP increasing urine creatinine.

    We provide the first evidence for protective effects diabetic medicine AOC3 inhibition on STZ-induced pancreatic beta cell damage, neuropathic cold hypersensitivity and diabetic retinal dysfunction.

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    Long-term treatment with our novel multi-target analgesic candidate, SZVis safe and effective also under diabetic conditions. Copyright © The Authors. All rights reserved.

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