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If the skirt is dark blue, a black one would be alright. Bdr6ru Leather Goods Szeretn6kegy b6r k6zitriskit. Ne legyen tril nagy. A kirakatban van egy csinos k6zitiiska.

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LAxa aztl' Az els6 kirakatban lev6 tiisk6ra ggndol? De 6n zippzAr n6lkii'lire gondolok. N6zze, van itt egy olasz. A legjobb min6 gd val6di b5r. Csinos, ugye? N6zzg itt jobbra a vitrinben kielfftottak n6h6nvat b6rb6l 6s mfib6rb6l! M6g nem tudok d I'd like a leather handbag. It shouldn't be too big.

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There's a pretty handbag in the shop window. Do you mean the one in the first shop window?. In fact, I'm thinking of one without a zip. The best quality real leather. K6rem, 6rdekl6djcin csiitcirtG kdn, vagy p,6nteken! Kell m6g egy iskolatdskais az unokdnknak.

Megveszem ezt a t6li kesztuit. Pr tty, isn't it?

Diabetic Nephropathy and its two phenotypes: the proteinuric and ... - kapcsolódó dokumentumok

It's beautiful, but too expensive for me. I need a present for my son, too: a wallet or a small bag. Diabetic foot book pdf this showcaseon the right you can seea display of both irtificial and real eaiher ones.

I can't decide vet. I'll comi back I'd like to have a look round in the luggage department.

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My husband would like a small leather suitcaseor a large briefcase. I can see one here, but the qualrty is not very good. We'll have some new items in stock next week. Enquire again on Thursday or Fridav. I'll take these winter gloves. Ez egy diszkr6t illatri parfiim. Ez a parfiim nekem tril 6deskds. Ennek finom illata van. Ezt a k I'dlike Could you recommenda good.

This one's got a subtle scent. Van itt egy sz6ppriderdoboz. Venn6k m6g egy arckr6met is. Vegye ezt a nappali kr6met!

Infarctus myocardii. Dr Spencer L James, Institute for Előnézet mely miatt a betegek többsége meghal, mielőtt még a vesepótló kezelés szükségessé válna. A hazai laboratóriumok többsége ma már automatikusan megadja a Előnézet What is the macula?

Adpn k6rem m6B. This perfume is too sweet for me. This smells very nice. I can rbcommend this eau de cologne. It's by új módszerek a diabetes kezeléshez 1 típus same manufacturer.

Letöltés PDF Although the training in and the therapy of neuropathy is of outstanding level in Hungary, even by international measures, this frontier specialty of medicine does not receive proper attention either in medical education or in everyday clinical practice. This volume has been authored by 28 internationally renowned, key opinion leaders in Hungary, with the objective of providing readers with a comprehensive review of neuropathies of diverse aetiology - from somatic to autonomic.

I would also like a lipstick for mvself. Would vou also like the nail varnish'that goes with it?

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I'm glad you reminded me. I'd almost forgotten. Do you want some face powde4 too? There's a beautiful powder casehere. I'd also like to get some face cream; but I'm not sure which one to get.

Why don't you buy this day cream, it's excellent. I use the same one myself. This cream is for dryloily skin. Can I also have. Magam keszitem a frizurdmat. Ehhez sziiksegem van: egy j6 samponra. Hapalzsamra nincs szirks6ge? NenL az m6g van. Adpn m6g k6rem ftrd6s6t 6s habftirddt! K6rek m6g. WC-papfrt, egy doboz tampont. I usually style my hair myself.

Don't you need some hair conditioner?.

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Nq lve still got some. I'd like some bath salts and bubble battr, too. I should Bet. I also need. Sportcikkek Sports Goods Szeretn6k. I'd like. Szeretndk egy teljes brivrirfelszerel6stvdsdrolni.

Csak e6y briv6rszemiveget, egyPar uszonyt es egy legszrvocs I want to get some fishing tackle: a ndd, some hookiand a line. I want to buy a complete diving set. It's rather expensive. I'll iust get a pair oj'goggles. I'm looking for. Ez a jAt6k firiknak 6s liinyoknak is val6.

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Vegyen egy villanyvasutat! I'm looking for some toys for an eight-yearold boylgirl.

a kezelés népi jogorvoslati kezdeti szakaszában a cukorbetegség cukorbeteg kívánja az édeset

This tov is suitable both for boys and forgiils. Why don't you get an electric train set? He's too young for this.

I was thinkinq of some building bloc[s or a mechanical toy. Why don't you get this electric racing car set? Is irtaftery or mains operated? Ehhez tril kiesi m6g a fif. Epft6kockara vagy ery mechanikus i4t6kra gondoltam. Vegye ezt az elektromos versenypi{ly6t.

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Elemmel vagy h6l6zatr6l mfik6dik? Hil6zatrol, de traf6val kell iizemeltetni. Jq megveszema versenyp6- It's mains operated, but you need a transformer. All right, I'll take the race track. A l6nvaimnak szeretn6k kdt babiit, bababritort 6s babaruhekat. Ugy liltom, hogy van nagyon sz6p jit6khangszere. Neh6z a viilasztiis. For my daughters, I'd like two dolls, some doll's house diabetic foot book pdf and doll's clothes.

I can see you have some very nice toy musical instruments. It's diabetic foot book pdf to choose.

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Q ae uapsat! Ezt veszem meg, 6s a miisikat, amelyik ndpviseletben van. Van m6g valami 6haja? Nem, kriszonom, f6lek, hogy mdr tfl sok pdnzt koltottem. Would you like anything else? Nq thank you. I think I've spent too much money already. Aiind6kt6rgyak Szeretn6k n6hiiny eml6ktrirgyat vdsdrolni.

Mutasson nekem himzett bhizokat! Ez k6zi hfmzds? Mutassa meg ezt az I'd like to buy a few souvenirs. Could vou show me some small dolls, please. They're'really lovely!

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I'll buy this one, and the one in folk costume. Is this hand embrbidered? Can you show. We have a large selectionof arts and crafts articles.

Membranous nephropathy: A fairy tale for immunopatholo- gists, nephrologists and patients. Molecular Immunology, Elsevier,68 1Előnézet etiology. As with virtually every syndrome of congenital malformations, the XX or XY Turner phenotype can vary.

I can't spend too much money. How much can you spend on it? I think I can see something I like. Just take your time and have. I'd like to buy. How much is. What a beautiful wall hanging! Can I see a woven table cloth as well? Here's an iron that works off either or Volts. Modern appliances can be set to the right voltage. Mos6gdphez Varr6g6phez. Mutassa be. Could you please show me how this machine works. How do you use this sewing machine?

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Can you show me that. Fot6-Optika Photography Szeretn6m ezt a filmet el6hivatni. Csindljon k6rem n6gy-n6gy mdsolatot! Nagyftsa ki k6rem ezt a felvdtelt kdpeslap m6retrire 9x12!

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Mikor lesznek k6sz a m6solatok? Holnapdtdn drttik irihetek? I'd like four copies of each. When will the copies be ready?