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Soldiers of Christ on Earth and in Heavenly Jerusalem

No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the copyright owner. In this study, nonetheless, I will discuss it as a basic symbol of Psychotronics or spirit surgery.

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Consequently, the methodology of this present analysis, even though the topic is closely related diabetes uk shop catalogue the field of religious studies, essentially follows the approaches of comparative folkloristics, historical ethnography, and the ethnology of religion.

My conclusions are based on healing narratives in which visits to a specific otherworldly location—Heavenly Jerusalem—are referred to.

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The text corpus consists of three well-distinguishable source groups: 1 semi- structured interviews and personal narratives recorded during my fieldwork;2 2 lectures given at the spirit surgery training courses and 1 In order to avoid word repetition, I use the two terms alternately, as synonyms. My data come partly from semi-structured interviews, and partly from informal conversations, cf.

Kis-Halas a, —4. Judit Kis-Halas published in an internally disseminated publication, the Szellemsebész Hírlevél Spirit surgeon Newsletter ;3 3 relevant entries in online social forums and blogs.

These texts, created with different goals and in various ways, outline the roles played by the Heavenly Jerusalem metaphor in the central narrative of spirit surgery, and at the same time, allow us to consider some of the interpretations of the healers and their clientele. By extending data collection to the online contexts, I follow the approach of my previous studies discussing New Age phenomena and alternative spiritualities in Hungary Kis-Halas ; ; lipodystrophia cukorbetegséggel b; b; a; b ; that is, I consider the interactive forums of the Internet as typical manifestations of secondary orality.

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This concept was introduced by Walter J. These written texts possess the characteristics of live speech: they are in the present tense, they coordinate, and are dynamic and reflective; indeed, chat forums develop a communication model very close to live speech Czeizer The semi-structured interviews, conversations and forum entries in cyber space have helped in providing an insight into the psychology of the various discourses about spirit surgery.

Naturally, the communication taking place in cyber space exists in virtual reality, no matter how closely it bears the traits of live speech; the identity of the participants is also virtual. Diabetes uk shop catalogue also have to accept that it can only provide indirect information on the social reality it represents. The network-like organisation is not only useful in terms of information 3 It will be referred to by the acronym SzH in this paper.

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In the first part of this study, I will define the wider theoretical context of the methods of spirit surgery, assigning its place among New Age movements, Hungarian Neopagan ideologies and contemporary alternative healing systems.

After that, I will take into consideration the basic characteristics of Psychotronics: the conceptual framework, the practitioners and the healing methods. In a subchapter of the latter, I will discuss the healing processes projected to the transcendent sphere, in which Heavenly Jerusalem plays a central role. Esotericism, Neo-Paganism, Medicine Western Esotericism—New Age—alternative spiritualties In current religious studies and in public discourse, a considerable slice of contemporary religious phenomena consists of forms of manifestation and trends described by the notions of New Age religion, New Age spirituality, and Neo-Paganism.

Although delineating and defining the essence of certain movements and trends is quite difficult due to their heterogeneity and their diversity, nonetheless they can be well discerned by their phenomenological features, which also accentuate the differences among them.

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Faivre mentions two further characteristics, although he believes that their existence is optional, and that, therefore, they are not indispensable criteria of the definition of Western esotericism: syncretism the concordance between different traditions and the importance of transmitting knowledge Faivre14—5;2.

Some Hungarian researchers, especially when comparing New Age movements with Christian mentality, in fact consider extreme individualism to be the most characteristic feature of these movements, and thus they do not interpret it as a religion, but rather as quasi-religious phenomena.

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Chryssides refuses to categorise the New Age within new religious movements. Moreover, he sees the essence of the New Age to lie in rejecting such a position, claiming that the answering of spiritual questions is the exclusive monopoly of religion Chryssides Analysing data drawn on recent surveys on religious attitudes religion vs.

For more on the spirituality versus religion discourse, cf. Glendinning and Bruce Marion Bowman and Steven Sutcliffe define the strongly individual and consumer-type religious attitudes of secularised, industrial and post- industrial societies as being alternative spiritualities.

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They emphasise that this definition of spirituality is emic because it approaches the specific New Age religious milieu from the perspective of the followers. Meanwhile, they consider it completely inadequate to define spirituality, one of the characteristic attitudes of contemporary religiosity, as opposed to the all-time prominent cultural formations Bowman and Sutcliffe10—1.

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Neo-Paganism in Hungary Before discussing the topic of contemporary alternative medicine, we have to briefly discuss the religious movements marked by the umbrella term 7 Naturally, this attitude constituted the most fundamental point of reference at the establishment of certain trends and streams such as Theosophy, and some alternative healing methods, etc. Some of the Hungarian Neopagan groups also define the determining elements of their identity as opposed to mainstream religiosity, according to Réka Szilárdi—9 and Judit Kis-Halas Neo-Paganism,8 because these have played an important role—similar to that of the New Age—in the creation of the ideology of spirit surgery.

In the beginning in the first half of the sthe relationship between the New Age and Neo-Paganism had been considered differently by researchers of religion.

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At the time, there diabetes uk shop catalogue basically two approaches: 1 Neo-Paganism is one of the New Age movements. Tania Luhrmann considers Neo-Paganism as a clearly discernible subculture29—41 ; Wouter Hanegraaff sees it as a trend within the New Age78—9 ; 2 Neo-Paganism is an individual religious system, which is also proven by its phenomenological features which differ from those of New Age movements, and the two systems only connect on certain points.

Tamás Szilágyi and Réka Szilárdi, the authors of the pioneer study discussing Neopagan trends in detail, represent the latter point of view Today, most researchers lean towards the latter view. These different opinions underline that both systems are extremely heterogeneous, syncretic, and mostly variable, which has made their description from the perspective of the history of religion, theology and the science of religion very difficult. The current point of view is that Neo-Paganism is a religious movement, and even though it is completely distinguishable from New Age spiritualities, we cannot exclude the possibility of the two creating hybrid formations.

Neo-Paganism consorts with the spirituality represented by New Age movements in its presumption of universal connections, its interpretation of diabetes uk shop catalogue, its application of symbols as mediation methods and, furthermore, in its terms of religious and ethical tolerance.

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However, the sacralisation of the cosmos, including a respect for nature,9 the revival of 8 Other names for it: modern Paganism or contemporary Paganism dissociation from the ancient interpretation.

The nomenclature is, thus, not uniform.

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The editors of the latest collection of studies, Aitamurto and Simpson, consciously employ a diverse terminology because it best expresses the diversity of Neopagan world views5. The possible and diabetes uk shop catalogue viable symbiosis of the two types of religious systems is well illustrated by groups carrying the traits of the New Age and Neo- Paganism, such as the Ősmagyar Táltos Egyház Ancient Hungarian Táltos Church or the Univerzum Egyháza Church of the Universewhich have strongly contributed to the shaping of the ideas appearing in healing methods of Psychotronics discussed in this study.

Health, energy, New Age In his analysis of the traits of New Age religiosity, Wouter Hanegraaff underlines healing and personal growth as defining features. He not only considers the holistic approach Hedges and Beckford ; Tighe and Butler—20 to be essential among them, but also emphasises that both systems place the illness under a symbolic, fundamentally religious and spiritual interpretive framework.

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