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Diabetes trials summary


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    Scopus: Szakterületek: Purpose of reviewHeart failure represents a major growing health problem in developed world. This article aims to review recent heart failure trials that have significantly impacted the management of heart failure.

    Recent findingsDespite advances in heart failure, mortality and morbidity remains elevated amongst patients.

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    Recent clinical trials demonstrate promising treatment strategies that likely impact clinical practice; including heart failure prevention with the use of SGLT2-inhibitors in patients with diabetes and cardiovascular risk, new treatments that may abrogate disease progression in cardiac amyloidosis, intravenous iron therapy in iron deficiency anemia in chronic systolic heart failure, predischarge treatment with angiotensin receptor blocker with neprilysin inhibition ARNi in patients hospitalized for acute decompensated heart failure, and newer continuous flow left ventricular assist device with increased durability and efficacy in patients with Stage Diabetes trials summary heart failure.

    SummaryRecent clinical trials with SGLT2 inhibitors, therapies targeting transthyretin cardiac amyloidosis, iron, angiotensin receptor blocker with neprilysin inhibition and newer mechanical circulatory support devices are very promising as practice changing new treatment strategies in prevention and treatment of heart failure. This article presents a summary of important trials and should be of practical value to both clinicians and researchers.

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