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    In order to explore the antitumor activity of prenylation inhibition we investigated the response to Subcutaneous and spleen-to-liver colonization xenograft mouse models were used to evaluate the influence of zoledronic acid treatment on primary and disseminated tumor growth of melanoma cells in vivo. In line with this finding, following treatment decreased activation of ribosomal protein S6 was found in NRAS mutant cells.

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    Zoledronic acid demonstrated no significant synergism in cell viability inhibition or apoptosis induction with cisplatin or DTIC treatment in vitro. Importantly, zoledronic acid could inhibit clonogenic growth in the majority of melanoma cell lines except in the three BRAF mutant but PTEN wild-type melanoma lines.

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    A similar pattern was observed in apoptosis induction experiments. In vivo zoledronic acid did not inhibit the subcutaneous growth or spleen-to-liver colonization of melanoma cells.

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    Altogether our data demonstrates that prenylation inhibition may be a novel therapeutic approach in NRAS mutant melanoma.

    However, further investigations are needed to identify drugs that have appropriate pharmacological properties to efficiently target prenylation in melanoma cells.